Saturday, November 18, 2017


Muscle Ammiratore presents the Overall Winner of the Bodybuilding Category of the Tiger Classic Grand Prix 2017 which took place on 8-10 September 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. 

Almost 200 athletes from 16 European countries meet in Bucharest -the capital city- to participate in this event organized under the aegis of IFBB and FRCF (Romanian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr. Gabriel S. Toncean).

For Romanian athletes and supporters, the “Tiger Classic” is more than a competition: It is the place where friendships are created, an -most important thing- due to the great number of participants registered at the competition, the people who are not very familiar with Bodybuilding sports starts to see it in a more positive way. 

The competition has gathered, during the whole event, about 5.000 people willing to see the show offered by the athletes, but also willing to meet some of the most popular International icons of the sport, as former Bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates, who was supporting the event. 

Dan Cristian is very popular among the International Muscle Worshippers. Enjoy the Official photos and a Bonus Video  from Dan Cristian's  Fall 2017 Contest Preparation which can be found on my YouTube channel. You can always like, commend and share it with your muscle lover friends. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Muscle Ammiratore presents the German IFBB Pro Steve Benthin. Steve is one of the best Bodybuilders/Musclemen in Germany. We don't know much about him so we post recent photos from his most recent Competition which was the amazing EVLS PRO Prague Showdown 2017 where he got the 2nd place in the 212 category. His weight was 93 kg ( 205 lbs). 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Bodybuilding Champion & Personal Trainer Marco Sapigni from Italy has been rocking the world of Italian and International Bodybuilding with his November 2017 Competitions! 
So far he took part in 3 Competitions and the results are more than thrilling! See them here: 

1)Serge Nubret Classic 2017 : 1st BB X-Tall / 1st Overall ( Perugia, Italy) 
2) 2 Torri 2017 : 1st Bodybuilding Over 95 kg / 2nd Onerall ( Perugia, Italy ) 
3) Road to Mr. Universe Amateur 2017 / 1st BB X-Tall ( Estoril, Portugal ) 
4) Road to Mr. Universe Pro Division 2017 : 3rd Place ( Estoril, Portugal ) 

The Portugal Competition gave him entrance to the Pro League ! Congratulations Marco ! 

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Coach : Carmelo D Anna 

Sponsored by Yamamoto Nutrition > Coupon Code SAPIGNI10

Official Photos by Wabba Portugal 

Stay Tuned for more Competitions!