Sunday, October 25, 2015


Michele Terminiello is a young man from Caserta, Italy. This is his first appearance on our blog and we thank him for that. He's a bit shy but we hope we can make him feel comfortable with your support and positive comments.
He works as a recognized chef in his homeland, but Bodybuilding is his passion. He wants to enter the Bodybuilding Industry and he's open for new ideas and collaborations with Photographers, business people, fans of Muscle and the sport. He loves posing and he's interested in being a fitness model, so he hopes he can get some attention here. He likes posing on camera too so don't hesitate to contact him but be patient and helpful with  him. He can be contacted on his Facebook profile, you can find the link down here.
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We welcome Michele to our family and we wish him all the best!
Name: Michele Terminiello
Age: 28
Height : 1.82 cm
Weight : 87 cm
Residence: Caserta, Italy.

Facebook :

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