Friday, December 18, 2015


Aldo Foladore from Italy is back ! Enjoy these two new pics he posted on his personal profile today and stay tuned. We just spoke with the grand Italian champion and we agreed on a permanent collaboration for exclusive material ! Photos, videos and news for all of you. His new method, Triple Pump waits for you in February, exclusively at Animal Power Gym. We can't wait !

Who is Aldo? 

Aldo was born in Maddalini , Italia on  15/09/1988. He lives in Maddaloni in the Province of Caserta. He holds the Diploma di Scuola Inferiore Breveti . He is a Fitness & Circuit Instructor with a specialty in Bodybuilding.. He is also a Personal Trainer and he has given various seminars on Dieting and Bodybuilding. He’s a Professor of the Italian Physique Federation ( IPF ) responsible for issuing fitness routine programs.  Aldo has also  worked in Research and Development Agencies  and as  Serurity Agent.
He is now the Owner of his own Fitness and Bodybuilding Center   of 1000 cm2 with a special department of relax and Wellness Center. Aldo is also the owner of a Dance Academy School.

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