Monday, December 21, 2015


Hello there loyal readers and muscle fans! 

Today we present you a great man and Fitness Model from Italy, Federico Calvano. Federico was born in Italy on 10/12/1984. He lives and works in Frasso Telesino (BN) where he runs his own gym called Aesthetic Fitness. He kindly accepted our invitation to talk, so here goes: 

1) MUSCLE AMMIRATORE: Hello Federico and welcome to Muscle Ammiratore. Can you tell us a few things about yourself? 

1) FEDERICO CALVANO : Hello and congratulations for your blog. I am glad someone finally decided to promote Muscle Fitness Models and not only Athletes of Bodybuilding. Thank you for the kind invitation to be presented today on your blog. 
I am Italian, 31 years old. My height is 1.88 cm and my weight is 105-108 kgr. Iam a Fitness Model as you know, and Iam happy to live by doing what I like best. 

2) M.A: Tell us about your career so far so as our fans can get to know you better. 

2) F.C : I have only done some photos for National and International Fitness Magazines . I have taken part as a fashion model and Men Physique in some Italian Competitions . I now work as a Personal Trainer and I have practised Martial Arts for many years. 

3) M.A: Can you tell us what else you are doing this period ?

3) F.C : At the moment I work in my Gym preparing Athletes. "Aesthetic Fitness" is my second home. It's great to be able to offer your expertise to the younger generations and to show them the way. I am so pleased. 

4)M.A : Would you like to compete again? 

4) F.C : I haven't competed because my body has been considered too big for fashion model or Man Physique Standard so I do other things that make me happy and satisfied. 

5) M.A : Can you tell us about your plans for 2016 and your new projects? 

5) F.C : Yes, of course I can. I will start working with DCore (Diamond Core) Underwear of which I am very excited and I am also about to start working as a VIP Trainer starting in June 2016 in Portocervo. 

6) M.A: How exciting ! I would like to thank you Federico  for this exclusive interview and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016. I'd love to host you again some time soon here on our blog.

6)F.C : Thank you again for this opportunity and I return the wishes for Happy Holidays to you personally and all the muscle fans out there. 

Special Thanks to : Miky Merisi Photoclub & Federico Calvano for the pics. 

More info on Federico : 

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