Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Maurizio Romanelli, Bodybuilding Athlete from Abbruzzo , Italy, sent us his news yesterday along with his new pics. We had the chance to do a mini interview with him, although Maurizio has a very hard program with intense and continuous workouts. This is what he told us: 

1) Hello Maurizio. Tell us about your next Competition.
    I'm happy to officially announce that I'm getting prepared for Mr.Columbu Championship of NAC Federation on May 6-8, 2016 in Sardegna, Italy. 
2) How do you feel these days?
    I'm feeling fine, God bless. 
3) Tell me what does competing in a Bodybuilding Championship mean to you? 
Competing for me is life, it's my lifestyle. Every day I dedicate myself to the date of the Championship 100%.
4) What are the difficulties for a Bodybuilding Athlete during his preparation? 
Diet is number one difficulty. It becomes hard especially  the last few pre-contest weeks . Then you have the continuous training; I train 3 times a day. Morning cardio on an empty stomach,  then first weight training at 10.00 am, and the second training with weights at 21.00 pm. 
5) I know that you are part of a Coaching Team. 
Yes, it's true. My coach is Alberto Grazia and I belong to his athletic team. 
6) Tell us about your competing category.
My category is Medium Bodybuilding ( medie taglie) -1.73 cm. 
7) Thank you my friend, I wish you all the best ! We are always here to talk to you again with your news.
7) Thank you Riccardo. Your support to me is invaluable. Your Blog has always been by my side and I appreciate that. Bodybuilding must be promoted and you are doing a  wonderful job. Thank you! 

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