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Muscle Ammiratore Blog is proud to host the Romanian Bodybuilding Champion and Tiger Classic 2012, 2013 Winner Constantin Lazar. 
Constantin was born on January 31, 1976. He is one of Romania's great Bodybuilders and Strongmen with many years of hard training and experience. His first Master Coach was the legendary Briseag Constantin. He has taken part in 30 different Bodybuilding and Strongmen Competitions and he is now working out in the Best Fitness Gym in Bucharest, Romania. 
This is what he told us in this exclusive interview. We would like to thank him and wish him all the best in his new goals and ambitions. 
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  1. Welcome to Muscle Ammiratore Blog ! It's a great pleasure interviewing such great Athletes like you Constantin and I hope this interview helps fans and sponsors get to know you better! Let's turn back in time and tell me when was the first time you went into a gym and when did you start seeing results in your body? The first Gym for me was in 1991 at Bere Grivita Gym . I was 15 years old then. But I started exercising when I was 4 years old, a kid actually! So, I had already had pretty visible results before going to the gym. 
  2. Who was the first person who helped you both with Nutrition and Working out and how did you decide to turn to Bodybuilding ? When I was 4 years old, my father was my first Master. When I was 15, my Trainer, Master and Sponsor  was Briceag Constantin at Bere Grivita Gym, God may keep his soul in peace. It only took me 2 years so I decided to take part in Competitions after serious thought. 
  3. When did you first take part in a Bodybuilding Competition and what do you remember from that day?My first Competition was a very special moment in my life, I competed with one of the best Romanian Bodybuilders ever, his name is Virgil Buruiana. 
  4. From what I know, you have had many years of Competitions and great achievements. Would you like to tell me which were the most important ones? There are more than 30 Contests I have competed in, each one has a special place in my heart but I can say that there are 4 very important Competitions which were a significant turning point in my life. The 1st one was in 2006, when it was the first time when I discovered the true way to get the maximum shape on stage. The second was in 2001, when I won 2nd place in the Balcanic Contest in Constantinople and then in 2012 and 2013 when I won the Tiger Classic Competition in my country. 
  5. How are things with Bodybuilding in your country, Romania? In my country, all the gyms are full of people who love to build their bodies . Bodybuilding and Fitness are like two Lion Kings here he he.
  6. What would you advise the younger people who love the Iron Sport but hesitate to start? I would definitely advise them to do sport in general, it could be a lovely thing in their life ! 
  7. Do you believe that Sponsors play a significant role in a Bodybuilder's life? Definitely one of the most important role. Bodybuilding is no cheap sport. Everyday expenses with nutrition and supplements are very high so any serious sponsor would be welcome. 
  8. What are your dreams and aims for the future? My dreams for the future is to have health and to have a nice family maybe one day. 
  9. If you can travel in a Time Machine , which can transport you in the future, how different will your life be in five years from now? I love this question! Well, my life after 5 years..I would LOVE to know :)..Thank you a lot Riccardo for this interview, I fully enjoyed your questions and I look forward to our next talk ! Greetings to all fans around the world from Romania ! 

Useful YouTube links which Constantin Lazar sent us from various Competitions. Thank you Constantin. It's an honor. 

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