Monday, July 4, 2016


Nikos Mousounidis is considered by many, the hope of Greek Bodybuilding. Without doubt, his massive proportions is what makes him stand in the crowd and be in the spotlight. He is 23, 1,80cm (5 foot , 11 inches ) 120 kg weight ( 265 lb  ) off season and 105 in season ( 230 lb). He competed for the first time in Athens, in the IFBB Competition, on 5/6/16 and he won 1st place in the Junior Category and the 2nd in the Men +100 Category. Amazing performance for the first time. 

Nikos had sports in his DNA. Like a genuine descendant of Ancient Greeks, he started at an early age being athletic. He first started as a Tae Kwon Do  athlete, at the age of 4. After this, he continued with Swimming and then he started lifting weights. As a young teenager, the images of Huge Bodybuilders in the magazines of those times made him want to look like them. He used to see their huge muscles and having a tremendous DNA, fate brought him to the experienced hands of Bodybuilding Coach Tasos Demetriades. Tasos believed in Nikos' physical capabilities, so he managed to bring him at a high level suitable for Competitions. 

Nikos still remembers his very first time on stage, at the Greek IFBB Contest in Athens and the unforgettable feelings he experienced on stage with the other contestants. He tells us that this is a motivation for continuing his diet and training program. When asked about what advice he would give to young people in general he frankly says that they should practise any sport they like. Those who love Bodybuilding should follow their dream no matter the circumstances or the obstacles. You never know where this will lead you one day he says. 

Nikos says that his sport is often criticized in his country , that abroad people are different but he promises never to give up and show everybody that he is here to stay. 

I want to thank Nikos and the website Bodybuilding Passione for this exclusive cooperation . We wish all the best to this young man and we hope sponsors will realize that he deserves their attention and support. 

All the best, Nikos !