Saturday, December 3, 2016


Personal Trainer Miloudi Elyamine from Algeria communicated with us a little while telling us that today is the big day. The Day of the Grand Opening of Mutant's Gym in the city of Bordj Arredj.

Miloudi is so excited for today. He has worked hard for the gym which you will see in the exclusive photos he sent us for all of you to see today only on our Blog! 

He informed me also that he is an IFBB Certified Coach with excellent degree. His diploma was given by "Old School" Bodybuilder Kassem Yazbek who was a dear friend of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. He sent us photos of him with Arnold from the '70s. together with Mane, the President of Arab Federation of Bodybuilding (AFBF ) 

According to his own words, Mutant Gym is not a health is a serious gym built by men who love bodybuilding for those serious people who want to build their bodies too. A facility that will cater for the needs of Competitive Bodybuilders . They promise to produce more Bodybuilding Competition Winners in a year than all the other Fitness Centres combined! 

All members of Mutant's  Gym will receive free consultation, contest preparation, diet and training programs plus posing routines. 

All Bodybuilders are welcomed, so feel at home, don't be afraid to show your body and your hard work!

Muscle Ammiratore blog thanks Miloudi for his photos and his information about the Opening of his gym today . 

Good luck, all the best to all of you ! 

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