Sunday, June 11, 2017


Get to know Ole Kristian Vaaga. He is the Viking Coach from Norway. 

According to his account, he found out his fascination for muscle strength early in his life. He started competing in 2008 , but in 2014 he decided to aim for the top and be more focused on detail and train better and smarter.

As a competitive bodybuilder he has  competed in everything from 74,8kg on stage in Classic Bodybuilding to 109kg , getting top placings and wins in all the biggest shows like Loaded Cup Germany, Fujairah, Olympia Spain, Oslo Grand Prix, Sweden Grand Prix etc. 

2017 brings him as part of Team Stones competing in the +100 category. Today's photos are from his appearance in 2017 Diamond Cup, Portugal where he placed 2nd in the Men's BB + 100 category. 

More to come soon! 

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