Sunday, November 5, 2017


Bodybuilding Champion & Personal Trainer Marco Sapigni from Italy has been rocking the world of Italian and International Bodybuilding with his November 2017 Competitions! 
So far he took part in 3 Competitions and the results are more than thrilling! See them here: 

1)Serge Nubret Classic 2017 : 1st BB X-Tall / 1st Overall ( Perugia, Italy) 
2) 2 Torri 2017 : 1st Bodybuilding Over 95 kg / 2nd Onerall ( Perugia, Italy ) 
3) Road to Mr. Universe Amateur 2017 / 1st BB X-Tall ( Estoril, Portugal ) 
4) Road to Mr. Universe Pro Division 2017 : 3rd Place ( Estoril, Portugal ) 

The Portugal Competition gave him entrance to the Pro League ! Congratulations Marco ! 

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Coach : Carmelo D Anna 

Sponsored by Yamamoto Nutrition > Coupon Code SAPIGNI10

Official Photos by Wabba Portugal 

Stay Tuned for more Competitions! 


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