Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Muscle Ammiratore is proudly presenting Part 2 of  one of the most adorable musclemen I discovered recently. 
His name is Rob Heimanaki. Big Rob was born in 1984 and he lives in Canada. He is a big Bodybuilder and personal trainer. When I first posted his posing video on my YouTube channel I couldn't have expected more than 8,6 K views and your comments and messages which filled my inbox and channel, so here is the man ! Big Rob!
 Enjoy and see his videos too. You can comment and share this article and the two videos I have right now on my channel. Again thank you for all your support ! Why? Because both of the videos I have posted on my channel have 15.820 views so far. And they keep on growing! See this super post with more photos and his videos too and share them with your friends who share the same passion with me : muscle worship! 

By the way, Musclemen must rule. Are you ready to support and worship? Prove it ! Be private sponsor of a Bodybuilder. Inbox me for details now. 


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