Saturday, May 5, 2018


Muscle Ammiratore loves presenting new Bodybuilders/ Muscle Models / Musclemen from around the world. Iran seems to hold the key to big, massive Bodybuilders with amazing muscles and high levels of testosterone that makes us wonder how fast we can find air tickets for this country! I love your messages and comments about Iranian Bodybuilders and how much you want to worship their big bodies..I wish I could make your dreams come true...I need your help so I will re-post my two ads about muscle worshippers and Bodybuilders too! I hope we have good results here..Muscle Ammiratore Society needs fresh new members! 

AD 1 
Musclemen must rule. Are you ready to support and worship? Prove it ! Be private sponsor of a Bodybuilder. Inbox me for details now.

Are you a Bodybuilder/ Muscleman / Muscle Model  and want to have extra cash for your diet & supplements ? For info on Personal Management/ Promotion / Social Media Image Making , text me WhatsApp  ‭+30 694 0410626‬ or send an e-mail :


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