Friday, October 28, 2016


When I first posted the video I made for this Massive Bodybuilder and I uploaded it on Muscle Ammiratore YouTube channel, a  subscriber wondered : " Is Iran a world wide Muscle Mecca ? " 

Well, it appears to be so. I have seen Massive Bodybuilders in this country. It must be in their DNA, and in their culture. Bodybuilding seems to be appreciated by the vast majority of the population and it's not critically considered and prejudiced as it happens in Europe. It's the Mecca for mass and admiration. It helps athletes grow and develop their talent in a way that only leads them to success. 

Behrooz Tabani is our new Iranian Massive Bodybuilder. We don't know much about him. We came across his account on Instagram and we see that he has competed and that he is a successful model with sponsors. 

We  are posting  the first part of the photos we chose for you today and we are  also including  the video from our YouTube channel which you can like and share in your social platforms. 

Don't hesitate to comment and send us feedback. We adore you all ! 

Part 2 is coming soon so....Stay muscle-hungry!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Muscle Ammiratore is proud to present a newcomer in the Bodybuilding world. His name is Jonathan Iannella and he comes from Monsummaro, Toscane, Italy.

Jonathan has been practising Bodybuilding for less than a year, but his physical condition and muscle basis are great. He is 25, 1,72 cm ( 5,88 inc) and 84 kg ( 185 pounds). He loves gym and the Bodybuilding lifestyle. He aspires to make his sport his job and to be able to have a contract with a sponsor in the future. 

His very first competition is in May 2016. Jonathan sent us three exclusive photos for our blog and he thanks us for the support. We believe in Jonathan so we hope this article will help him obtain more recognition and the publicity his favourite sport asks for any new athlete. Stay tuned for more news and photos of him. 

Good luck Jonathan ! 

You can find Jonathan in his Facebook profile here: 

Friday, October 7, 2016


Adam Abakarov, the Russian Bodybuilding Champion and Personal Trainer is here again. Muscle Ammiratore wants to make all of you loyal Adam Abakarov Fans a double present. 

Today we are posting new pics of him plus a bonus! 

A training & posing video of him in HD ! The video can be found exclusively on our YouTube channel today. 

Thank you for all your comments about Adam! More to come ! 

Stay Tuned !